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P Square Solution Company Limited

      With over 20 year's of experience of our team,we   can help your organization achieve the aviation safety goals and to operate more effectively and efficiently.

The experience includes 

- External Aviation Safety Audits of Service Providers (operators)

- AOC holders Consultancy Services

- Aviation Management Processes

- AOC Applications and Restructuring

- Aerodrome and Helicopter Landing Site

Inspections and Design Advice 

- Helideck / Heliport Design


- Safety and Quality Inspections 


- Helideck / Heliport inspection


- Aviation Safety Management System Development and Implementation


- Helicopter Accident/Incident Investigations 


- Bowtie Process.

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Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement:
" To be the company most admired for its people, partnership and performance through the effective and efficient processes."
Mission Statement:
" To execute the highest performance through the safety, efficiency, and reliability processes and maintain standards of our product and service
The way we do things explain who we are, what we believe, how we achieve and where we aspire to go. We conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. This will create a common understanding for us and for all who interact with us. "
Core Value:

                                          We take responsibility for our actions and account for them at all levels. Value for money and good corporate governance are the foundation of our decisions. We will take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards, and by honoring our commitments.


26/147 Moo 5, Soi Suantool 14, Kaorupchang, Muang, Songkhla, Thailand 90000

E-Mail :

Phone : +66-85-545-6653


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The P Square Solution Professional Team

The P Square Solution team is comprised of Aviation Experts from pilot, engineer, safety and security personnel with extensive experience in aviation operations and encompasses the capacity to provide consultancy and advice against technical standards and regulatory requirements from ICAO, CAAT, IOGP and other as applicable.


    All P Square Solution personnel hold professional aviation qualifications and are qualified Auditor/Inspector and Instructor.

    We have highly experienced in safety management system, quality management system, and accident/incident investigation including the specific helicopter accident/incident investigation process.


    P Square Solution's Team Members have over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. This experience has contributed to the ongoing success as an aviation consultancy business which offers a broad variety of aviation consultancy services and the production of Flight and Ground Operations, Engineering, Safety, Quality, Security, and related manuals, procedures and work instruction development process.  Projects have included AOC license applications, Quality and Safety Management System Development, Implementation andTraining, Aviation Operations Audits, Helideck Inspections, Helideck and Heliport Design Advice, Helideck and Heliport Application Process, and helicopter operation start-up processes.


    The company's comprehensive experience and industry understanding, places P Square Solution in the forefront of providing non-bias, critical analysis of the level and standards of safety within Thailand and international aviation sectors.

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